Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Craft- Halloween Ghosts

When I think of Halloween, I think of ghosts. They are a classic Halloween costume, movie idea, or a haunting tale. So today I decided to show you some little ghosties you can make for any doll size- even yourself- for Halloween. They are super simple and only take a few supplies...let's get started!

You will need:
*1 Tissue for 1 AG sized ghost, or 1 tissue to make several smaller doll- sized ghosts
*Black marker
*String, ribbon, thread, etc.
*Hot glue/ hot glue gun

1) Lay a tissue out flat.
2) Find the middle and pinch it like shown.

3) While pinching the middle still, lift your hand up.

4) Lay it down flat where it fell when you held it. It should have ripples and folds in it.

5) On the back, hot glue some of the bigger folds near the top together, so that the shape stays.

6) Cut out a small piece of string, ribbon, thread, whatever you are using.

7) Glue the string to the back like so.

8) Draw on a spooky face with the marker.

Hang it up and you're done!

These are the AG sized ones compared to the mini doll ones. Fore the mini doll ones, I just cute small circles out of the tissue and did the same steps.

My dolls' rooms are certainly spooky for Halloween! Hope you enjoy!

PS- For my b-day, I got a Smart Camera, so expect some photos from that soon!


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