Sunday, September 28, 2014

Our New Desk!

Recently I was looking at my doll room and noticed how bad the desk looked, so I decided to redo it. It is just a piece of scrap wood with two letter "A's" glued on. Then I painted it white. I used a MyFroggyStuff tutorial, so you can watch that on how to make it.

I think it turned out very well! I still need to make a chair though.

All of the items on top were from the old desk.

One the side there is a puzzle, some magazines, and a catalog.

One the other side there is some random stuff like cards and electronics.

We really need to get a new laptop...

Our homemade clock still hangs on the wall.

And here is all the other stuff that was on the old desk that needs to be put somewhere...

Well this is what it looks like and we really like it!
Do you have a desk in you doll room?


  1. We don't really have a desk in our rooms; we often use Cecile's as a table. xD
    But your desk is beyond cute, and I love the wooden A's used as the legs of the desk! So cute!
    ~The Shire Girls

  2. Your desk is adorable! I love how you made it with the As. In my dollhouse, there is a desk I made in Lydia and Caroline's room, but it is not nearly as nice as yours!

    ~ Mint

  3. I love the new desk!! It's really clever :)

  4. I love your new desk it is so cute!


  5. *GASPS* I have the same one except I didn't paint it white :)

  6. That is super cute! I love it! That clock is soooo adorable! :)


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