Friday, August 1, 2014

Mini Waffles- EDIBLE!

Evelyn just started an Innerstar U account (Evelyn410), and they have a section on her yearbook that says Tiny Treats, and mini waffles were on it, so we decided to try them out! Here's how to make them.

I used:
Vanilla Wafers
Maple Syrup
Reddi Whip (whip cream in bottle)

First I cut my wafers into squares.

Then I drizzled some maple syrup on them.

And squeezed on some whip cream!

The sides don't really look like waffles, but you get the idea. :)

Look at the camera Emily!

Digging into it!

The first one all gone. :(

Overall, these were really good! They were really sweet though, so if you don't like really sweet things, this is not the snack for you.



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