Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Craft- Re-vamping a Doll Bag into Backpack

You know those really popular backpack satchel things? Well, I saw this denim bag in my doll's room and I instantly thought of those. So I decided to spice it up and make a backpack inspired by them!

This is what I'm talking about.

So here is the before. Plain right? Let's get started!

 I am using:
*Felt or fabric for the flap (if you need one)
*Embellishments of your choice
*Doll-sized bag
*Hot glue gun/hot glue

1) Measure how long you want the flap to be. Cut it out with some extra.

2) Make sure it can be glued onto the back of the bag.

3) Glue just one side onto the back of the bag like so.

When you flip it around, you should have a flap.

4) Round the flap off it you like.

6) Glue on Velcro, making sure the Velcro on the flap matches up with the one on the bag.

Now it should look something like this.

 7) Time to decorate! I used upside down rhinestones on the bottom edge of the flap to look like metal studs. I also used some ribbon in the middle.

After that, you're done!

My doll's can't wait to use it!

See, school can be fun with an awesome backpack, right...right?


Bonus pic!


  1. AWESOME IDEA! (sorry, I've been in a wacko mood since school started. probably cuz of the stress :) I love those backpacks, and that's a great doll one <3

    1. Thank you Autumn!! Yeah, I hear yah. :) I know, those backpacks are AMAZING!! I wish I had one!

  2. I love this! So cute and realistic! :D

    ~ Mint

  3. I love this to. It is so cool.


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