Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Craft: Stars and Stripes Cookies

These stars and strips cookies are sure to get a lot of attention at your 4th of July party! They are easy to make, so they are perfect for last-minute crafts. :)

You will need:
*Tan, white, red, and blue foam
*Pencil or pen
*Bottle cap, quarter, or another small round thing to trace
*Small star template (I'm using a craft wood star)
*Hot glue/hot glue gun

1) Use your bottle cap, quarter, or alternative to make a circle on the tan foam.

2) Cut it out, and repeat for however many you want to make.

Let's make the stripe one first.
3) Cut out a red or white circle, it doesn't matter, a little smaller than the tan circle.

4) Draw a thin rectangle on the red foam.

5) Cut it out and glue it on the circle like so.

6) Repeat with white also in the pattern shown here.

7) Trim the edges.

8) Glue it onto the tan circle.

Let's move onto the star one.
9) Cut out a blue foam circle a little bit smaller than the tan one.

10) Glue it on.

11) Trace your star template onto the white foam.

12) Cut it out. (Sorry it's cut badly!)

14) Glue it onto the cookie!

And you're done with both!

Yay, pictures are over so I can finally eat them!!!



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