Friday, February 7, 2014

Love Treats #2- Tarts

Isn't this cute? Today I thought I'd show you how to make this adorable tart!

You will need:
*Tan foam
*Red, pink, or white foam
*Zig-zag scissors (optional) 
*Puffy paint (preferable white, red, or pink)
*Something small and circular to trace like a bottle top or quarter
*Hot glue/hot glue gun

1) Trace or leave an imprint with the small circular thing on 

2) Cut it out.

3) Repeat until you have 4 circles.

4) Glue the circles together.

5) Cut a piece of tan foam that can fit all the way around the circles and is about half an inch taller.

6) If you like, you can cut the top with zig-zag scissors.

7) Glue the tan foam around the circles and trim if needed.

8) Add a little dollop of Puffy paint in the middle for whipped cream.

9) This is optional, but I added a little foam heart in the whipped cream.

Let dry and you're done!

Eat, sleep, craft!


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