Monday, January 20, 2014

Who Stole my Food?!?- A Photostory

Today I decided to entertain you with a photo story. Hope you enjoy!

Emily was the only one up. Evelyn was asleep...

Elizabeth was asleep...

and Nahji is asleep.
Dakota was at a sleepover.

 Emily didn't know what to do, so she decided to bake something, because she loves to bake.

First she gulped down a glass of milk for breakfast.

She decided to make some snowflake cookies for herself. 
So she started mixing up the dry ingredients. 

Soon, she had some cookie dough and had scooped some onto the cookie tray.

Then she put the cookies into the oven.

While she was waiting, she put the dishes on the sink...

washed the counter...

and mixed up some frosting.

Then she put some frosting in a squeeze tube.

After the cookies came out of the oven, Emily let them cool.

Then she started decorating the cookies.

Then she sprinkled on some sprinkles.

Ta da! Emily smiled to herself, knowing that her hard work had paid off.

Then Emily made two cinnamon roles for Evelyn and Nahji, and an egg for Elizabeth.

While she waited for the others to wake up, Emily went to check on the animals.

When she came back, she noticed that everyone was still asleep. They usually didn't sleep this long...well, maybe not Nahji, but still.

When she came back to the kitchen, she noticed that the egg was GONE!

"Ugh, who did that?? Now I have to make a new one." She grumbled to herself.
So she went to get another egg.

When came back, the cinnamon roles were gone! She looked behind and saw that everyone was still sleeping.

Now she was even more angrier. She was going to stay and keep watch over her precious cookies, but she got distracted by the mail. "Ooooh, the mail's here! I wonder if my magazine has come yet!" She said as she hurried off.

When she came back, her cookies AND the milk that she has set out for herself are gone!

"This is the worst day ever!" She cried, "All of my hard work is gone, AND my magazine hasn't come yet!"

"Hey!" She yelled running over to the couch.

Princess, Elizabeth's innocent, pampered kitten, had stole her food! She could not believe it. Princess. At least she had not eaten anything, but she had drunken all the milk. "PRINCESS! Remember what the vet said? You can't have milk! It makes you pee on Elizabeth's bed!" Emily picked her up, but away from her face.

"Elizabeth! Your cat has been really bad!"

"Grwhaaat?" Elizabeth said groggily, still half asleep.
Emily sighed a placed Princess on Elizabeth's bed.

Then Emily heard a little giggle from Nahji's bed.
"It's not funny Nahji." Emily said.

"Well," Said Nahji, a little guiltily. "I was the one  who took your food."

"Okay, okay, let me explain. While you were gone, I took your food onto the couch, not Princess. I just set Princess there, and to keep her there, I gave her that milk."
"You KNOW Princess is not aloud to drink milk!!" 

We giggled and raced to get under out covers and pretend to be asleep.


I hope you enjoyed, because that took me an hour!


  1. And that was amazing! Good job :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I'm SO glad you like it!!

  3. Love this story. I thought the doggie was going to take the food. :) It's been known to happen. Emily's outfit is great!

  4. (: Awesome! Very nice pictures.

  5. Cute! lol Really creative!

  6. Very cute!


  7. I love the photo story! It`s hilarious!


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