Friday, January 31, 2014

Craft- Easy and Cute Valentines!

This card is so easy and cute and even includes a "temporary tattoo" inside!

You will need:
*Red, pink, or white foam
*Red, pink, or white cardstock
*Small sticker
*Glue stick
*Red or pink Sharpie
*Scrap piece of white paper

1) Cut out a piece of cardstock 2 inches by 3 1/4 inches.

2) Fold in half.

3) Cut out a heart out of the foam.

4) Glue the heart to the card.

5) Write a sweet message on the heart with the Sharpie.

6) Write a message inside also.

7) Stick a tiny sticker on the scrap piece of paper.

8) Cut it out and trim it to be a square. This is going to be the tattoo.

9) Glue the tattoo on and cut two pieces of cardstock like shown to glue to the corners.


Give it to your best friend on Valentine's Day!

Cinnamon gives love!

Eat, sleep, craft!


  1. THIS IS SO CUTE! Haha! I love the little tatoo! Just like the ones I used to get when I was little. ;)

  2. Cool! My next DIY is kind of (or can I say literally?) like this one.... But I'm not trying to copy your ideas or anything.. You know the picture of Esther with the card in her hand? I'll probably post it anyways, but I hope you don't mind :)

    1. Oh that's okay! If you thought of that idea before I posted it, it's totally okay!

  3. so cute i love it

  4. your blog is so cute

  5. Cool! I have the same stickers!!


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