Wednesday, December 18, 2013

12 D.O.N. #6- Holiday Hair Buns

These little hair buns are oh-so-cute with their peacock plumes and hair bows! They look really cute on curly-haired dolls, but it doesn't matter. I think Dakota is going to wear these for a while...

Let's get started!

Here are some things you will need:
*A spray bottle filled with WATER
*A wire brush
*A soft bristled toothbrush- more info on that HERE (this is optional)
*Two hair ties
*Any hair clips- I got the Hello Kitty Christmas ones for $1 at Target, the flower from Etsy.

1) Let loose your hair from it's previous hairstyle...ooohhhh...that looks ugly...:)

2) Mist, brush, use the toothbrush, curl...just do what you normally do to your dolls' hair. 

3) Part your doll's hair into 2 equal sections.

4) On one section, put the hair into a low ponytail but make it very loose- like one time for a medium hair tie, but two for a very large one. (The AG ones are a good size)

5) When you pull your doll's hair again as if you were making it tighter, don't pull it all the way through. Make sure the end of her hair is facing upward.

6) Spread the loop out a bit with your fingers.

7) Repeat. They should look like this. 

8) You could put one clip in...

...or two!

And you're done!

Doesn't Dakota look cute?

By the way, have you noticed anything under the tree? 
Yup, presents!


P.S.- I took Nahji out in the snow and this is my fave picture:


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