Monday, December 16, 2013

12 D.O.N. #4- Christmas Wreath

This cute little wreath will add Christmas cheer anywhere! Better yet, it it so easy to make and customize any way you want!

You will need:
*4 Green pipe cleaners (mine are forest green)
*Christmas-y ribbon
*Jingle bells or any other Christmas gems/beads
*Hot glue/glue gun

1) Twist two of the pipe cleaners together. Repeat with the other two.

2) Twist the two twisted pieces together. It should now be thicker.

3) Glue the two ends together to form a circle.

4) Make a bow with your ribbon.

5) Glue the ribbon on in any way you like. I put mine of to the side a little.

6) Glue the jingle bells/gems/beads on in any way you choose.


"Hmmm...Where should I hang this?"


Isn't The 12 Days of Noel fun?
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