Thursday, October 10, 2013

Superstar Sites for October + UPDATES!!

UPDATES: YES we haven't been posting...but we will hopefully we'll be back on track since we know our schedules. AND Elizbeth (nickname: Lizabeth) went to the doll hospital for a Wellness visit! She looks SO much better(more about that tomorrow)! And she was was back in less than a week! Next, it's Emily's BIRTHDAY today, so wish her a happy birthday!!

Now onto the Superstar Sites...

My Doll Crafts And More!
This blog is the home to a ton a photostories and Saturday Starry Sites and you're likely to find some new giveaways in the blogging community from her blog!

Learn about some unfamiliar dolls and photostories from this blog!!

Awesome crafts and photoshoots!!


Superstar Star Sites: Please take this award!

Want to be a Superstar Site? Click HERE! Pleas follow ALL directions.


  1. Great sites. The Long Winded Lady is a new one for me...will have to check it out. Thank you for the suggestions.


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