Sunday, July 28, 2013

How to Make Doll S'mores!

Mmmm, what doll wouldn't want this ooey gooey s'more? These are so easy to make and have simple supplies, so your dolls will have yummy s'mores to enjoy in no time!

You will need:
*tan foam
*a cotton ball
*Brown puffy paint
*a toothpick
*a 1" wooden square, or make your own template

1) Press down on the square on the tan foam to leave a mark, or trace your square.
2) Cut it out. Repeat with a second square.

3) With your toothpick, make little scratches down the middle and little dots on each side like the ones above to make graham crackers.(sorry the picture is sideways)

4) Tear off a piece of cotton ball for the marshmallow and put it on one of the graham crackers(which should be face down). Let some ooze out. 
5) Glue it on.

6) Squeeze out the puffy paint along the edges, giving the illusion that the chocolate is "melting". 
7) Put a dab of Puffy paint in the middle and put the second graham cracker on. Let it dry.
And you're done!

Hope you liked it!


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