Saturday, June 1, 2013

Superstar Sites for JUNE 1st!!

Wow, can you believe how fast May went?!? It was fun, but June is going to be more! I have some awesome posts planned for you guys!

Spring Flowers
This blog is FULL of dolly goodies! Whether it's celebrating Cinco de Mayo or talking Star Trek, these dolls have it all!

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This amazing blog is filled with photo stories, room tours, crafts, and just plain DOLLS!!

This is a newer blog, with FABSOME tutorials!! We had a blast looking at all the cute hairstyles!

Visit this blog, and you'll find gorgeous photos, cute crafts, and amazing outfits!^^ Look at her Etsy shop here, and find this beautiful outfit!!^^

Superstar Sites: Grab this button!

<div align="center" style="padding: 5px;"><img src=""  title="Carrot and Claire" alt="Carrot and Claire" /></div><pre style="background:#f0f0f0;border:solid 1px #cccccc; color: #777777; font-size:90%; height: 50px; margin:auto; text-align: left; padding: 10px; display: block; overflow: auto; white-space: pre-wrap;  width: 90%;">&lt;div align="center">&lt;a href="" title="Carrot and Claire"&gt;&lt;img src="" alt="Carrot and Claire" style="border:none;" /&gt;&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/div></pre>

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2. go to layout on your blog.
3. add HTML/javascript 
4. paste code.
5. save!

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