Monday, May 13, 2013

Spring into Summer~ Make Doll Flip-Flops!

Sorry for not posting yesterday, it was CRAZY, as it was Mother's Day and all.:) Today though, we have a fabsome tutorial from Layla of Dollville!


What doll doesn't want new sandals for summer? Here is how you can make some.

Duck Tape (any color)

(Sorry the aluminum foil isn't supposed to be in the picture) :(

1 First trace your foot onto a piece of cardboard. Both feet!

2. Next cut them out.

3. Now if you don't want to see the cardboard, cover one side with duck tape.

4. Now cut a piece of duck tape 4 inches long and fold in half.

5. Tape to the bottom of the shoe like this. The color is different for example.

6. Pull around the foot and tape down to the bottom.

7. Lastly, tape a piece of tape to the bottom of the shoe to give it a finished look.

8. Repeat on the other shoe.

We hope you liked this post!
~The Dollville Staff~


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