Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Photography Tips Part 2

It's about time I did part 2 of my photography tips!

1. What's The Picture About?

This is more common sense but...don't go outside with your doll wearing winter clothes and a winter coat on a 100 degrees day, and take a picture. PLEASE don't. Dress your doll in SUMMER clothes, duh:D

2. Editing

I have 2 types of editing to show you~

1) Showing Directions-

Basically, this shows which order you should put the circles in on the headband. You can also use words-

I usually use to edit photos, because it's free and easy.

2) Effects-

This is a picture I entered in a contest. You can see there is a withered rose on a Bible page that's talking about his lovers failing him. I got the colored look of it using an effect from Picmonkey, and the brightness from good daylight:D

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