Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How To Make A Doll Shamrock Shake!!

Is your doll craving something tasty? This will satisfy your doll's needs! It is the time of year when McDonald's has their Shamrock Shakes! So why don't you make your doll one? Every doll deserves it!!

                                                                  You are going to need:

  • pom-poms
  • half a cotton ball
  • doll-sized cup(I found this St. Patrick's Day cup at the thrift store, but you can make a McDonalds's cup for dolls by clicking here.)
             Stuff some green pom-poms in the cup(mine was big enough to fill it.

               Tear off half of a cotton ball and kinda tear that until you get the look you want.

                       Place the "whip cream" on top.

                       Put a mini red pom-pom on top, and you have an awesomely delicious shake for your doll to enjoy:)

                                            Oh yeah, Hairstyle Mania! will have to be made up tomorrow because there is no daylight left:(

LOVE, CLAIRE                                                                     

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