Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Practicing Doll Photography Part 1

One of the major things in blogging are pictures. If you have a blog (or just take pictures for fun) this is perfect for you.

*Choose Your Background

You don't have to have a huge scene set up to have a good background. All I usually use is a wall. Choose a place with pretty good lighting too.

*Who's Your Subject?

Your subject is probably your doll. So take pictures of that doll. If you are taking pictures of something the doll is wearing, like a bracelet, take a picture of the bracelet, then a pic of the whole doll wearing the item.

     This is a good picture of Emily. It has a pretty good background, and includes her whole face.   

*Practice Makes Perfect!

Good photography doesn't happen overnight. Before this blog, my photos were pretty bad. After a lot of practicing, I am pretty good! So take a try!!

More tips coming tomorrow, and possibly my drawings of Virginia's clothes.                                

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