Friday, January 25, 2013

How To Make A Super Cute Chair For Moxie Girlz 2

This is how to make pillows for the super cute chair from yesterday, plus an Ipod and earbuds!

      For a pillow, cut 2 fabric squares the same size, glue sides together, leaving one side open. Stuff fluff, scrap fabric, or felt inside. Glue side close. You can also do this with duct tape, making sure to put tape on the other side so the squares don't stick together. I made a round pillow out of felt, too.

                        All the pillows I made!                                              

                              To make the Ipod, I just cut a piece of foam, color the screen with Sharpie, cut 2 pieces of thread, glue to Ipod, and glue to cut ends of a tooth pick. I used hot glue to glue these. (and the pillows)

Tonight I made a LOT more stuff that I hope to post over the next few days, and I did so much, I lost track of time, so I'm doing this kind of late! I hope you like my stuff!!                                                              

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