Friday, December 7, 2012

Getting Ready For Christmas #3- Hot Chocolate!

Everyone loves the chocolatey  taste of hot chocolate. So why not let you dolls enjoy it too? I know this isn't about getting ready for Christmas, but it will warm your dolls heart when you give her some! Whether your dolls are having some before bed, or maybe after a long day outside, she'll love this hot chocolate!

You will need:

 brown felt (Sorry I put in white too)
2-3 cotton balls
scissors(not shown)
Elmer's glue(not shown)
a doll mug or tea cup

First, put a cotton ball in the mug/tea cup to see if it will fit. Mine fits just perfect.

Next, cut a circle out of the brown felt, cutting around the cup.

Tear little pieces off a second cotton ball, and roll into balls. Then glue them  on
the felt.

Now, your dolls have a nice cup of hot chocolate!

Or, just take the felt off for milk!

Get Creative!!

You can use different color felt for all kinds of drinks!

Orange- orange juice
Purple- grape juice
Yellow- lemonade
Light Blue- water

Have Fun and Get Creative!

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