Monday, March 2, 2015

A Parisian Picnic

Hello! Today I'm sharing with you some more details about my picture for AGPC challenge #2.
First, I dressed Evelyn in Elizabeth's meet dress with a puffy underskirt.

I did her hair simply and added a string of pearls as well.

Not as pretty in the back. xD

I laid out some Pleasantville Lady magazines from the site ourdolls.weebly.

The bread is from a MyFroggyStuff tutorial that I made a while back. The "tea" is felt.

The jam is just red beads in a jar.

I've had the tea set since I was little.

The petite fours are from a tutorial.

The flowers are from Joanne's.

I also added in her pet lamb.

Hope you enjoyed seeing more of my set-up!

Ps- Can you believe it's already March?!?
Pss- Thanks you DollDiaries for being featured in last week's picks! :)
Psss- This is random, but when I was at the AGP Orlando, all the little girls were staring at Emily with her cool "bangs". I hope I inspired someone! xD


  1. Super cute set up! And yeah! That was so cool that Doll Diaries featured one of your posts! Congrats!
    ~Leah <3

  2. Your setup is so cute! I love all the little things you used! :)

  3. Your entry is sooo adorable! I love it! Emily's bangs xD They're pretty snazzy, I can see why they would be impressed :D

  4. Guess what! I have the same teddy bear tea set as you do! :)

  5. The little lamb is just AWWWWW......
    Great ideas!
    Haha, March? Yeah we're still going skating and getting 5 degrees...really feels like spring *sarcastic smile*
    That's awesome that you inspired those girls.....:D

  6. A lovely tea. Very nice. And the best guest. :-D


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