Saturday, January 10, 2015

New Outfit From!

Hey guys! I had gotten a $20 gift card for, so I decided to finally use it and order this really cute outfit! 

I think Emily looks really cute in it. :)

The shirt is lace with an attached tank top underneath.

The skirt is a crinkly gold material.

The headband is of the same material but with a silver gem in the middle.

It comes with no shoes, but I have some that can match.

I would really recommend this outfit!

PS: We are going to Orlando, Florida next weekend and we're going to Universal Studios and AGP Orlando! I'm bringing Emily since she loves Harry Potter and her hair is the easiest to take care of. More of the trip later!

PPS: DollDiaries featured my snowman pillow DIY!! Thank you so much Char. :)


  1. That outfit is soooo cute! I love the shirt! :)

  2. Aww, Emily looks so adorable :) That skirt is just so cute. Have fun in Orlando! A lot of people it seems are going to Florida.. *sighs* winter in Florida must be so beautiful :P

    1. Thank you! Someday we should meet up and go to AGP Orlando together. <3

  3. Aww, love the outfit. Super cute.
    Congrats on getting on DollDiaries picks, Claire. <3

  4. What a pretty outfit! I love how the sleeves on the shirt are see through.


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