Sunday, November 9, 2014

Elizabeth's Halloween Costume

I am finally posting my doll's Halloween costumes! Yay! Elizabeth was a 50's girl. Let's take a look!

These pictures were taken with my new camera. :)

Her sweater is from

I have no idea where her skirt is from.

Her shoes and socks are from American Girl.

Sorry for all the toy guns in the background. :P

Plus a picture of our new guinea pig Lolli. :) 

What were your dolls for Halloween?


  1. Aww Elizabeth's costume is adorable! I love the sweater. ^-^
    The pictures look great; I hope your enjoying your new camera.
    And that guinea pig is SO. CUTE. ^____^

    1. Thank you!
      I am enjoying it. :)
      I know, isn't she the cutest?!?

  2. The quality is amazing :) Loving your new camera already :D

  3. Hi Claire, I nominated you for the Blogger Recognition award. Here is a link to my post about it with the details.

  4. That's sooo cute! I love her sweater! It's adorable! :)


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