Monday, July 14, 2014

Quick Craft- Doll Mascara

Today I'm going to show you a quick and easy way to make a mascara brush for your dolls!

You will need:
*Sharpie in your choice of color
*Braces brush (I have braces, so I get a lot of these from the orthodontist) or small bristle brush (such as a bottle brush)

All you do it color the bristles on the brush with your Sharpie, making sure you color it all.
Wait for it to dry, which for me was 2 seconds, and you're done!

*I am not responsible if the Sharpie rubs off onto your doll's skin! If you don't want to risk it, don't use it on your doll's face.*


PS- I uploaded a video!

Watch until the end for bloopers. :)

PPS- If you have a Pottermore account, I just got mine, so if you could friend me, I'm HazelWombat12175
If you are a Harry Potter fan, I would recommend signing up, it's free!


  1. I love your craft idea, and thank you for answering my questions :)

  2. I have a Pottermore and I absolutely LOVE it! My name starts with MistDream, but I don't want to type the numbers for privacy reasons. :-) My favourite things to do are the Moments, the artwork is so beautiful.

    Love the mascara brush, so cute!

    ~Mama Hen

  3. Very cute!
    Welcome to Pottermore! What house have you been sorted into? I'm in Ravenclaw...LightMoonstone124.

    1. I'm Hufflepuff! I'll send a friend request to you!

  4. Great tutorial! And good video, too :) I don't play Pottermore though.

  5. Great idea! Now I can use my braces brush :)

  6. I awarded you - :)

  7. I awarded you -
    ♥ Autumn


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