Monday, April 7, 2014

Superstar Sites for April

Hey everyone! Sorry this is late, but I kinda forgot about the Superstar Sites! (gasp!) Lets get started!

Xyra's dolls have so many fun adventures! Prepare yourself- you'll stay awhile!
Requested by: AGDTime

This blog has beautiful pictures and fun photostories!
Requested by: Abigail 

Grace has gorgeous hairstyles and some more cute photostories!
Requested by: me!

If you were one of the sites mentioned above, please take this award:

If you would like to request your favorite blog, click HERE!


  1. Thank you. I'm/We're so happy you like our blog.

  2. Hello Claire! Thank you and thanks to Abigail for nominating us! We love our peeps so much - ya'll rock!!! ~D3 Girls ♥

  3. I made a dinining table and four chairs using your tutorials and would like to show you how they turned out. How can I send in a pic or two?

    1. Awesome, I'm glad you tried it out! If you have an e-Mail then I can tell you mine, just reply if you do!

    2. Yes. I have an e-mail. Is there some way I can tell you it privately?

    3. Yes, comment it to me and I will not publish it.


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