Friday, April 4, 2014

Our Adventures in Columbus, Ohio!

Hey guys! Evelyn here. Today I'll be telling you about our trip last weekend!

Day One:
All we did in day one is drive and go in the pool at 9:00 at night! Oh, and we also went to this restaurant called Der Dutchman that was an Amish-style restaurant and was really good!

Day Two:
We started off day two by going to the Waffle House. Then we went to Cosi Science museum. Here are some pictures of it!
There were some really pretty butterflies made from old parts- including piano keys!

That's a long ways down!

This was the awesome entry way to a place called The Ocean.

It was dark with colorful lights lit up everywhere. There were also water activities.

A huge statue of Poseidon! 

Look at those cool floaty things at the top!

After Cosi, we went to a German restaurant. It was the best restaurant yet! I had a really good ham and cheese sandwich with a pretzel bun!

Day Three:
We started with Fitzy's Diner. Then we went to the mall!


Oh, I would love to live up there above the AG store!!

It was crazy in there so I didn't get many pics, but here I am in Julie's car!

Posing with Isabelle! 
There was a crazy long line because the computers were down, but we eventually got checked out. Wait until tomorrow to see what we bought!
We also went to Jeni's Icecream and some other stores like H&M.
We ended our trip with this fancy Italian restaurant.
So pretty!!

After that we went home. :( 
Overall it was an exciting trip! Where have you been lately?


  1. I went no where for spring break. It looks like you had fun. I love the cool butterflies. Can't wait to see what you bought!

    1. Aw. :( This trip actually wasn't a spring break trip because we don't have one, but just a weekend trip.
      Yes, those butterflies are very pretty!


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