Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ways to Decorate Your Pet Bed/House

Last Wednesday, I showed you how to make this adorable pet bed/house. Today I am going to show you ways to decorate your little bed or house. Lets get started!

You will need:
*The pet bed/house from last week
*Big plastic lid (I'm using one from Yo-Crunch yogurt)
*Little beads, baubles, or something from a garland (I cut a piece or garland that has beads on it)
*Your doll's pet
*Hot glue/glue gun
*Any little doll pet-sized toys like Squishes 

To make the pillow:
1) Cut two squares of felt the same size.

2) Glue the two squares together along the edges but leave one side open.

3) Stuff it with felt.
4) Glue the open side closed.

To make the hanging toy:
1) Glue the beads (on string), baubles, or piece of garland onto the awning like so.

To make the little seat:
1) Glue a felt circle a little bigger than the top of the plastic lid. Glue the extra on the side.

2) Cut out a long piece of felt that can go all the way around the lid.
3) Glue it around the lid like so.

4) Glue on a little decoration if you like.

Place any little doll pet-sized toys inside the bed/house and you are finished with all the decorations!

Now your doll's pet can live in style! :)

Eat, sleep, craft!


  1. So cute. Fleecia looks like a very happy pet!

  2. So very cute! I love this project. Thank you for the instructions.


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