Sunday, February 9, 2014

Love Treats #4- Jelly Cookies

Who doesn't love traditional jelly cookies? These cookies are so easy to make and your doll is sure to like them!

You will need: 
*Tan foam
*Red, purple, or pink foam, but I wouldn't really use pink because it's not a jelly color.
*Zig-zag scissors
*Quarter or bottle cap (not shown)
*Hot glue/hot glue gun

1) With your quarter or bottle cap, trace and cut out two circles out of the tan foam.

2) Trace and cut out a circle out of the colored foam, but make it a little smaller than the tan circles.

3) CAREFULLY cut out a small circle in the middle of one of the tan circles. It is easiest if you use an X-acto knife.

4) With your zig-zag scissors, cut the edge of the tan circles. Make sure the colored circle is still smaller than the tan circles.

5) Glue them together like so: tan with no hole, colored circle, then the tan with hole.

Eat, sleep, craft!

Plus a bonus picture of a pretty cardinal! :D


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