Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Surprise for Evelyn

After her recital, Evelyn pulled on her jacket, took off her tutu, and sighed. She was exhausted

Then she saw something that caught her eye. "OHMYGOODNESS!!!" she exclaimed. 

There on the floor was the most adorable little lamb EVAH!

Isn't she SO CUTE?!?

There was also a tiny bunny bell on a string that was the little lamb's toy.

Evelyn excitedly picked her up, but she wondered who gave this present to her.

I'll find that out later she thought. Then- "OH! A name...hmmm...I know! Fleecia!"

Fleecia loved her little bunny toy!

And Evelyn loves Fleecia.

Who do you think gave Evelyn Fleecia and her toy?


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