Saturday, January 11, 2014

How to Make A Doll Clock

Isn't this clock cute?!? This clock requires a bit of patience and time, but it's really cute if you do it. And anyways, who wouldn't want to craft on this rainy weekend (if it is raining where you live)?

You Will Need:
*Foam in two colors (or one)
*Something circle to trace
*Sequins and/or acrylic jewels
Foam and a hole punch
*2 toothpicks that are colored and have a shape on the end (mine have spades), but you can use regular toothpicks if that is all you have.
*Hot glue gun/hot glue

1) Use your circle object to trace two circles onto the two colors of foam. Cut them out.

2) On one of the circles, cut out the middle so that there is a rim.

3) Glue it to the other circle. Trim if needed.

 4) In the middle, glue a big sequin, jewel, or a hole-punched circle of foam.
5) At the top, sides, and bottom, glue 4 big jewels, sequins, or hole-punched foam circles.

6) In between each jewel, sequin, or hole-punched circle, glue two smaller sequins, jewels, or hole-punched foam circles.

7) Cut the toothpicks down to size of your clock. The big hand should be more than halfway on top of your jewels, sequins, or foam circles you glued around the edge (the end should be on the circle in the middle). The small hand should be just below them. I think spades are perfect for a clock, don't you?

8) Glue the toothpicks on at any time you choose.


Just hang it on your doll's wall with tape or poster putty!

"Oh no, it's ten past twelve! I'm late for school!" :)

I hope you enjoyed, and hope your doll lets you make a clock for her room so that she can see what time it is (and make sure she's not late for school)!


I love your feedback and comments, but please be considerate of other people's feelings.


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