Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How to do Isabelle's Double Twists

Isabelle comes with these cute twists in her hair. So I decided to do them myself! They are very easy.

You Will Need:
*Wire brush
*2 bobby pins or clips
*A hair clip (optional)
*A misting bottle (optional)
*Your doll!

1) Brush and mist your doll's hair like you normally do.

2) Grab a small section of hair at the front.

3) Twist the section back.

4) Hold in place with a bobby pin or clip. Repeat with the other side.

I know Isabelle doesn't wear one, but for extra glam, you can add a hair accessory of your choice. 


Do you have Isabelle?


  1. So easy! Looks great on Elizabeth. :-) On step 1, it looks like Elizabeth has pink hair tips like Isabelle. Does she, or is it just a reflection of some sort?

    1. I know!
      Oh! No, they're not pink hair tips...I didn't realize that reflection was there! That's cool, because this is a tutorial for Isabelle's hair...:)

  2. I don't have Isabelle but I will do this still on Julie or Kanani.

  3. I don't have her, but I want to save up for her. I am going to do this on my dolls' hair.

  4. I have Isabelle!


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