Friday, December 13, 2013

12 D.O.N #1- How to Set Up Your Own Christmas Scene

YAY! Today we're starting off the series with some tips on how to create your OWN Christmas scene! Oh, and by the way, D.O.N. stands for Days of Noel, if you didn't already know.

1. Set up the base for your scene.
The base for mine is a small play table, but you can use whatever you have.

2. Find somewhere with good lighting.
You should ALWAYS have good lighting in pictures, and knowing what time to take them is the key. During the summer, it's best to take your pics in the evening, but in the winter, I try to take my pictures for the week on the weekends because by the time I'm home from school and homework, it's getting dark out. Set your base near a window, so that you can get natural light.

3. Scrapbook paper solves everything.
See this "wood" floor? It's actually 4 pieces of scrapbook paper taped together. Fool your readers! :)

4. Re-purpose! 
Re-purposing is everything! Find things from around the house that are doll-sized! Put storage containers upside down like I did for side tables, hang a little wreath, bring in a mini Christmas tree...the possibilities are endless! 

Do you need any more tips? 
If so, just ask me, and I'll try to answer them!


I love your feedback and comments, but please be considerate of other people's feelings.


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