Monday, November 4, 2013

Some Miniatures I Bought and Made

This past weekend, we went to a miniature store, and I got some cool stuff!!

The first thing is a little violin and bow, which was $12. 

It's so well made!

The case even has real velvet inside.

The next item is a music stand and music for $6.

And last is a Skippy peanut butter jar for $2.50.

And something I made...
Four little cakes on a snowflake platter for your doll's holiday table!
It is a hand-painted wood circle with a silver snowflake in the middle with frosted little cakes with sprinkles secured to the platter!

Do you think it would sell?
How much do you think you would sell it for?
Any ideas for shop names?
(Unfortunately, I won't be able to sell miniatures online for the time being, just in the real world:P) 



  1. Love the violin and music stand.
    The cakes are cute. Check out Katie's Creations and some of the other foodie Etsy sites for pricing. I've seen some sets as low as $3.99.

  2. Cool!
    Just wondering, in your header, the 'carrot and claire' font, where did you get it? Or like what photo editor? It's really awesome! I LOVE your new header :)

  3. Where is this Store??? I NEED to go there! :)


    1. Unfortunately, I can't tell you where it is, but it is called Volant Miniature shop. Here is their website:


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