Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New AG Releases- What I Think

Hey! As you probably have heard, AG released some new stuff recently! But, it's not the best...

Coconut Fun Outfit- $28
 Cute- but probably not something I'm going to buy. The colors together aren't great. Maybe to mix and match the pieces but...

Gymnastics Outfit- $24
 Again, I don't like these colors together. Maybe, if I see this item in real life, I'll like it. But other than the colors, it looks pretty real.

Gymnastics Set- $85
This was A REALLY popular item when McKenna was around, so I think it will sell fast. AGAIN aching about the colors and price, when you can make this yourself, but still really cute:)

Polar Bear pajamas- $24
ISN"T THIS THE CUTEST THING EVER?!?!?!? I LOVE the colors, and the style and the lace- totally something I would wear! LOVE the slippers:)

Spa Chair- $110
Wow, this is REALLY cool but not the price. 'Nuff said.

Salon Stylist Set- $38

Salon Center- $49
Eh. Like the last one.

Frosty Fair Isle Set- $30
Well, I'm not as excited as a lot of people are at this outfit. I already have on almost exactly like this from 123MulberryStreet- and it's cuter. Love the leggings+boots, though.

Puffy Jacket- $24
Not attractive. Too...puffy.

Snow Much Fun Set- $48
Cute, but I think I'll attempt at making this...once it IS winter...

Sparkle Party Dress- $38
Really pretty-love the tights:)
What's with the Oompa-Loompa hairstyle?

Brocade Holiday Dress- $36
Adorable! Would look STUNNING on Dakota!

Holiday Accessories- $28
I don't really see most of these as accessories...

As you can see, AG has it's flaws. But what happened? The Spring and Summer releases we're like, RIGHT on trend!


  1. You got awarded - :)

  2. Hmmm, I'm having deja vu...thought I commented on this. :)
    My favorites are the Coconut Fun Outfit, Fair Isle Set, and Brocade Holiday Dress with the Holiday Accessories. Oh, and the Polar Bear PJs.
    I agree that the new furniture accessories/sets are rather pricey.
    And from what I've seen on the more crafty doll blogs the snowgirl (while totally adorable) can be made.

  3. You were awarded the Elegant Blogger Award on

  4. You were awarded the elegant blogger award at :)


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