Monday, August 26, 2013

Easy Doll Decor- Pictures

Want beautiful artwork for your dolls, but just don't know how? It's easy! Just look in a magazine and you will find lots of expensive-looking pictures.

You will need:
*magazine(ask before cutting up)
*card stock(preferably black or white)
*glue stick

1) Find a picture in the magazine you like, with a frame...
...or without.

2) Cut it out.
3) Glue to card stock.
4) Cut out.


Here are some other ones I made.

Another option is to:
Cut out something you like.
Glue to card stock.
Cut out with a square or rectangle(or circle!) around it.


Cut out a rectangle picture.
Glue to card stock.
Cut it into 3 equal parts.
Hang them up on your doll's wall with a little space in between. 

To hang up the pictures:
Use double-stick tape or poster putty on the back to put on your doll's walls.

Why did I make so many? I'm starting to decorate my MG and MH doll's NEW dollhouse! It's 3 stories!


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