Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Doll Hair Tips: Long Hair

Is your doll's long hair often getting tangled or messy? Elizabeth's hair was like that until I discovered these helpful tips.

1. Use Water!
If you don't have a spray bottle for your dolls, buy one now! They are sooo useful for calming down your dolls hair!

2. Use a Toothbrush!
This may sound weird, but I actually use a soft brush tooth brush on Elizabeth more that the wire brush! Just spray some water on it and brush away! Trust me, you'll see the results!
Just remember to always use a new one!

3. Keep it Back!
If you're doing a photo shoot, it's best to keep your doll's hair out of her face. Bring it back with a cute clip or stylish headband, and she's ready to go!

4. Don't Play Rough!
Remember to not play rough with your dolls, especially long-haired ones. If your little cousin wants to play with one of your dolls, give her one with short hair. Remember to keep an eye on her, and a brush at the ready!:)

Hope these helped! Do you have any hair tips? Tell me!


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