Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How to Make Doll Popsicles

What's better in summer than ice cream? A Popsicle! These are so easy to make and your dolls will love them! 
You Will Need:
*craft foam in fruity colors or brown for chocolate
*Mini Popsicle sticks(Or cut a standard one to size)
Sorry I have no pictures for these steps, but they're too easy! 
Cut a small oval shape with a flat bottom out of the foam. Trace it on the same foam and cup it out. Glue on one of the ovals to the Popsicle stick halfway. Glue the other oval on the other side. Press the sides around the Popsicle stick inside.
Ta-Da! Aren't they cute? Your doll will have fun eating these in red, white, and blue on The Fourth of July!

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