Monday, June 17, 2013

The Second Day!

Hey guys! Today was AWESOME!!!!! First we left our hotel, Settle Inn. We give it 3 1/2 stars. Next we went to the Mississippi River!


So pretty!!

Me by the river.

There was a HUGE statue of an Indian- that's me at the bottom!

A female duck!



We visited an AMAZING garden too!

We went to Cheese Heads, Downtown, and I bought some cheese!(It's actually an eraser) 

Next we went to Grandad Bluff, which is on a huge hill!!

After that we went to lunch at Pizza Doctors, which I give 4 stars.

We traveled through Minnesota to Iowa. Here I am at the Seed Savers Exchange. They preserve heirloom open pollinated varieties of vegetables, flowers and herbs, and also have some heritage breeds of animals here are less than 1000 of these cattle left in the country, and the breed was around before Jesus was alive. It was a very cool place, tucked into limestone bluffs in northeastern Iowa., over 500 varieties of old time apple varieties and the 2nd largest (of only 2) herds of ancient White Park Cattle in the country. 

White Turkey

Mama bought something here: Lip Balm! By the way, it's really awesome...

Now we're at a hotel in Minnesota. Tomorrow: The Badlands in South Dakota!

That was our adventures today!
~Overly Excited Dakota:)~

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  1. I wish I could have met you at the park by the Mississippi River! I have been to all of those places! (Except for the Minnesota and Iowa photos.) It's so weird seeing someone else's doll at those places! :)

    Adollable Dolls


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