Monday, May 20, 2013

New Series! Miniature Monday~ Cookies and Milk

I will be introducing a new series every Monday called Miniature Monday, where I show you how to make miniatures for your doll house, Barbie's or similar size doll. Today I'm going to show you how to make chocolate cookies and milk!

Milk: For a cup, you can use a bead, a real miniature cup, or I used a little cup-shaped thing that snaps into another one that holds a bubble container on a string. 

Tear off a little piece off of a cotton ball and roll it. Push it into the cup. 


Cookies: Use a hole puncher to punch out a circle from tan(chocolate chip) or brown(Chocolate choc. chip) foam. 

Use a brown or black Sharpie to dot little dots on the cookies.

Plate: Press the cap of a glue stick or similar size lid into the foam to form an imprint.
Cut it out. Use a smaller size lid and lay the plate on a sponge or cotton ball and press the smaller sized object into the plate.

Glue the cookies to the plate. Cover it all in a layer of Mod Podge. 


Enjoy! (ha ha, sorry her face looks red)

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