Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Saige Inspired Mini Twists!


Saige has really inspired a lot of crafts and hairstyles for AG blogging people!! Today I have a super-cute hairstyle that is perfect for all occasions!!

1) Brush out your doll's hair.

2) Separate 2 different sections of hair in the front.

3) Start twisting each strand back across her head. TIP: I find it helpful if say, you're twisting back her left strand, twist to the left.

4) Gather the two strands together.

5) Keeping each strand twisted, twist the strands together and tie off with a ponytail holder.

Beautiful! (haha, doesn't it look like she's directing traffic or something??)

This style is so quick and easy, but pretty enough for special occasions! Keep on the lookout for more fabsome tutorials coming your way soon in a few days!!

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