Friday, April 12, 2013

Craft-tastic Friday~ Pretty Bow Headband!

I have seen bow headbands EVERYWHERE, and now your doll's can enjoy one too! The secret? A Post-it note and Mod Podge.

To Make One You Will Need:

An average sized Post-it note
Mod Podge
paint brush
duct tape
an old shirt

1) Fold the sticky side of the Post-it note down to meet the bottom. Then fold the top down to the bottom again.

2) Pinch in the middle.

3) Wrap the middle in a small piece of Duct tape.
4) Press your thumb into each side to help it widen out.
4) Brush on the Mod Podge with a paint brush, making sure to get in all the creases, and the back of the bow too.

After it dries(mine took around 20-30 minutes), it should look like this! All nice and shiny and sturdy!

5) Cut the hem off an old tee shirt(MAKE SURE YOURS CAN FIT AROUND YOUR DOLL"S HEAD!)
6) Wrap another piece of duct tape around the bow and headband.

Voila! Done!


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