Friday, April 5, 2013

Craft-tastic Friday~ Mini Doll Cookies/Chocolates!

Do you guys LOVE sweets? I sure do! BUT, I don't think it's very fair that your dolls do not get any, so how about making some? *These are a good size for smaller dolls, but they can also be chocolates for AG dolls* (not shown down below is the bear~ it is just a bear bead that looks like a chocolate bear:))

This is a dish of pudding~ it's just a clear flower bead with a dollop of Hot Chocolate colored Puff Paint.

Here are some delicious cookies! Just take a shaped bead, and frost it with Puff Paint or glitter glue(like I did with the white star cookie).

YAY!!! Butterfly brownies, perfect for Spring! Do basically the same thing as you did with the cookies.

Have a delicious time creating sweet treats for your dolls out of simple supplies! Be creative and make your own! 

A thousand hugs, CLAIRE

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