Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Craft Requests- How to Make Doll Hangers!

Someone suggested I make doll hangers, so here they are! *This is to make the hanger with the wire handle*

You will need: foam, scissors, a small paper clip, a doll dress or tank top(for measurement), hot glue

1) Sketch a hanger like this on the foam. Cut out.

2)Unfold the paper clip. 3) Bend out the larger side a bit more.

3) Glue on the paper clip where it starts to crimp, on the foam. 
4) Put the dress/tank top on the hanger. Cut a slit where the strap is. Done!

CLAIRE<3 (sorry, my signature wouldn't load up:/)

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  1. These hangers are so cool! Thanks for posting this, it'll come in handy!


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