Sunday, January 6, 2013

Breakfast Bar for Dolls

It is REALLY easy to make a buffet for your dolls, and this is how I set mine up

I set mine up on a bookshelf, but you can easily stack boxes side-by-side.

First, you need to have plates- mine are paper plates from American Girl Doll Dining kit.

You also need cups- for the pitcher, I stuffed a cotton ball in a milk pitcher from a tea set.

Next, I have the eggs that I made, a toy spatula, and a small pretend hot pad. I also put out ketchup for the eggs.

Here is the toast and the Pop Tart. underneath them is a pretend fabric napkin, then a plate.

Now I have the bacon on a small toy plate.

I also have some (toy) salt and pepper shakers.

Lastly, I have a fruit bowl. The fruit stickers were from the Doll Dining book, and the grapes are mini pom-poms. You could also print out fruit images from Google Images.

              You can also add more food, napkins, silverware, and more. Have fun making this breakfast bar:)



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  1. That is an awesome idea! I will have to try that!


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