Wednesday, January 30, 2013

About My Dolls

I got this as a request, so this is some stuff about my dolls!!!

Elizabeth May Cole- Elizabeth is the oldest in the family, and also the fashionista;) She loves small and sweet things, hates germs, and doesn't get the point of video games. She loves to read, cook, make up hairstyles for her and the other girls, and dream up cute outfits. She is think of making a hairstyle blog sometime, but I will tell you once she has made one. Elizabeth does ballet and cheerleading. Her favorite colors are white, very dark pink, and light pink.

Dakota Rose Mapes- Dakota is the second oldest, though she is my third doll. She is interested in painting and guitar, and loves to ride her horse Morgan. She HATES math and LOVES social studies(history). She likes to daydream, and tell everyone she sees with her hour-long thoughts to whoever will listen;) She does volleyball, and may try guitar. As you may know, she loves the word love, and her favorite color is red.

Emily Jane Bennet- Emily is the youngest who loves fiddling around with things and inventing new things for her sisters. You can usually find her pestering her sisters to see if they have any problems she can solve, or reading in her bed. She loves mind-boggling puzzles and brain teasers that drive Elizabeth insane, but sometimes Dakota will work alongside her. Emily does gymnastics. Her favorite colors are all bright and cheery colors.


  1. Thanks for letting us get to know them.. I am liking their personalities and you can do a lot with it.


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