Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Getting Ready for Christmas #13- Christmas Cards

It is about time my dolls send their Christmas cards, so that is why I have a tutorial for you! (Sorry I have not been posting pictures in a while, but I hope to soon)

Take Pictures

If you like, you can take pictures of your dolls for the cards. You can glue them on(or order cards with the picture on them from a program), or just put them inside. Use The Spicy's Tips for Taking Group Pictures to help.

Use Christmas colors to decorate your cards. Use patterned paper, stickers, markers, glitter, or whatever else you want. And make sure your doll signs her name inside!!:)


Now its time to send your letters!! Make envelopes by folding paper and gluing/taping closed. Or just send them in your letters. If you're just using mini envelopes, DO NOT send them!! Write the address on, plus a mini sticker as a stamp, and give them to your dolls' friends.

                                                                    Happy Card Making!!

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