Tuesday, December 15, 2015

12 DoC Day Three- Petunia's Mini Tree

Welcome to day three of 12 Days of Carrot! Today, Petunia is going to try and find a little tree that she can put in her room...

First she headed outdoors.

She walked a bit and then saw it...

The perfect tree!

She went over and picked it up.

"It's perfect!"

Time to bring it home!

Time for a small photoshoot with it of course. ;)

Then it was time to bring the tree into her room.

"It looks great!"

Petunia loves her mini tree!

Do you have a real or artificial tree this year?


  1. Every year we always try to get a real tree. And this year it's real!

  2. Petunia's treee is adorable.
    I've only had a real tree a few times in my life, I like them, but not having to water it or disposing of it after New Year.


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