Saturday, December 19, 2015

12 DoC Day Seven- DIY Gingerbread Cookies!

Hello all! Today I will be showing you a very easy tutorial for gingerbread cookies! These really don't take any time at all, and you can easily decorate with anything you may have.

You will need:
*Craft foam (preferably light brown if you want real gingerbread)
*Puffy paint
*Decorations such as glitter, beads, gems, etc. Get creative!

1) Draw a shape of a gingerbread man/woman, or you can print out a picture to use as a template.

If you want a regular cookie, use a quarter or bottle cap trace on the foam.

2) Cut it out and decorate it! For the gingerbread man, I used white puffy paint.

For this one I spread puffy paint around the edges and sprinkled some glitter on, shaking off the excess.
TIP: If you want to play with these, I recommend putting a layer of Mod Podge or clear school glue over it once it dries, especially if you add glitter.

Let dry and you are done!


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