Thursday, September 3, 2015

Well It Looks Different Around Here! + Dakota in Space Buns

Well hello! It looks different around here, doesn't it? I've done TONS of little coding stuff so that it's all the same colors and looks nice. I even have a custom color (light pink) of the text when you highlight it (try it out!)! I really really like it, so hopefully I won't be changing it soon. :)
Now onto some photos of Dakota!

Aren't her socks the cutest? Tutorial HERE.

She does look absolutely adorable in space buns.

Which one is your favorite?
And I have loads more photoshoots to show you, as I've been taking photos like crazy.
Until next time!


  1. I love the new design! And ohmygod the second picture my heart. The lighting is just yes.

    - Ellie

  2. I can't choose a favorite! Okay it would have to be the 10th photo. The space buns and plaid dress are so cute and fit her very well, she looks so different yet more recognizable with braided space buns.

  3. I like the new blog look :) Also Dakota looks great! ^.^ My fav is the second one :D

  4. I love the pictures! My favorite is number two. :-)

  5. Great outfit! Love the Princess Leia hairdo!

  6. OMG I've done this hairstyle on my dolls before! I have pictures on my blog of it as well! My favorite photo is definitely the second one! You take amazing photos!


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