Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Craft- S'mores Bar

Today I have a pretty easy craft to do on a lazy summer day- s'mores bars! What doll doesn't like graham cracker crust, a layer of chocolate, ooey gooey marshmallow, and chocolate pieces? Your doll will L.O.V.E. them, so I recommend making several. :)

You will need: 
*Brown thin foam
*White thick foam
*Tan felt
*White or cream puffy paint
*Rectangle template in the size you want the bars to be (mine is a craft wood piece)
*Hot glue/hot glue gun

1) Trace your template onto the tan foam.

2) Cut it out.

3) Trace your template onto the brown thin foam.

4) Cut it out and glue it on top of the felt.

5) Trace your template onto the thick white foam.

6) Cut it out and glue it on top of the brown foam.

Foam is great, since it has the texture of a marshmallow!

7) Squeeze the puffy paint on top. I like to have peaks on mine, it just gives it a more marshmallow-ey feel. :)

8) Cut tiny pieces of brown foam and put them on the puffy paint while still wet. It helps to place them on with a toothpick.

9) Allow to dry.




PS- Sorry we haven't been posting (we were supposed to post this last Tuesday!), life has been SO 
busy... :P

PPS- Please check out Emily's new series!


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