Friday, March 21, 2014

Craft- Dining Room Chair

You've made the table, but what about the seats? This chair took quite a bit of thinking on my part, but I think it turned out good. As Froggy would say, this is EXTREME CRAFTING! :-)

You will need: 
*Lots of cardboard
*Paper towel or wrapping paper tube
*Pen (not shown)
*Scotch tape (not shown)
*Duct tape (not shown)
*Small cardboard box, like a Pop Tart box (not shown)
*Hot glue gun/hot glue

1) Sit your doll on the cardboard and draw a rectangle around her bottom for the seat.
2) Cut it out.

3) Trace it and cut the one you just traced out so that you now have two. 

4) Glue them together.

5) Lay your doll down on the cardboard. The bottom should be touching her elbows. Draw a rectangle the same width as the bottom piece that goes to her shoulders.
6) Cut it out.
7) Repeat step 3 and 4 with the one you just cut out.

You should now have 2 rectangles that have 2 layers each.

8) Cover the rectangles with paper. Cover the front and back of the back piece, but you don't have to for the bottom piece.

9) Glue the two parts together like so. Don't do what I did by slanting the back, make sure it makes a right angle with the bottom piece.

(Make sure that before you do this step, test to see if the small box you chose with the seat you just made on top is high enough to reach the table. If not, just find a different one.)
10) Cover the small box in duct tape.
11) Glue the blue seat part to the top of the box.

12) Cut the tube so that it is a little longer than the blue seat part.
13) Cover it in paper.

14) Glue the tube to the back of the chair to support it, one side on the seat part, the other on the box.

Eat, sleep, craft!

PS- Sorry if this was a little confusing! It was hard to put in words. :P


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